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From Now OM - 4 hour immersion - is Leo Dale’s 4 hour multi media concert with slow motion films. Building on the success of staging this concert in Melbourne, Sydney, southern Queensland, Mumbai, Gujarat and New York City, this will be the first time this sonically and visually beautiful work has been presented in a 4 hour format. Two hundred and forty minutes of continuous concert and projection.

Leo has hand picked a group of five collaborators for this concert:

Vinod Prasanna - bansuri (Indian Flute) player with a 250 year family history of this Indian classical instrument.

Dean Frenkel - Harmonic throat singer - Guinness book of records holder for the worlds longest singing note.

Sunny Kim - South Korean singing sensation.

Aviva Endean - virtuoso circular breathing bass clarinetist and composer.

David Jones - drummer who has worked with the who’s who of Australian music including James Morrison, John Farnham, Don Burrows, Kate Ceberano, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

How the show runs

A series of slow motion nature films, depicting the beauty and all the stillness that lies in the heart of this mad rush of 21C living, are projected on a large screen in the auditorium. Bee flight. Dust. Smoke. The moon. Flame. People crossing the street. Super slow motion revealing the tranquility within the urban crush. Two hundred and forty minutes of projection.

Simultaneously a concert is presented. Leo Dale firstly creates from scratch a six layered chord of incredible sonic beauty by singing 6 x OM on the notes of the harmonic series. This cathedral of sound acts as its own type of sound canvas for six master improvisors to tell their own story of stillness in these current chaotic times.

"A tidal wave of peace floating in a cathedral of sound"



The recording are available on iTunes


From Now OM can slot into many programs

as a shimmering piece of composition

a chill out morning concert

a contemporary art ritual

or a passive meditation event

It is also available in people’s homes

as a house concert.


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