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Oxo Cubans at Fed Square

Legendary Australian band. Brass percussion & vocal contrapuntal funk. Mal Webb, Gavin Gray, Tim Webb, Lue Farugia and Leo Dale

Free of charge

Tuba, trombone, saxophones, drums, congas & a whole world of percussion. Singing, whistling, dancing, rapping & fooling around. 33 kilos of brass, 5 voices & 77 percussion instruments

“ A five -piece groove machine ” “ As a live act, these guys are a must see ” “Oxo Cubans play cabaret from the asylum.....the most serious fun you’re likely to experience in a night-club all year” “They shun the convention of girl leaves boy and boy writes song”

Tightly arranged Slightly deranged

Thirty years ago five Oxo Cubans began tinkering with tones on park benches and at peak beaches. Five albums and fifty eight tours later these court jesters on just ten legs are the know it alls of halls balls malls and festivals. Watch your grandparents’ grins grow as they cajole chuckles from the cheeks of children and make musical grooves for smooth movers while busking in bus stops with baby boomers.

Tough enough to get your teeth into
Tender enough to take your teeth out to