“A tidal wave of peace
floating in a cathedral of sound” – the Age

Friday June 16th 7.30pm – From Now OM
Leo Dale plus Vinod Prasanna
Duo performance
44 Lincoln Causeway, Gateway Island VIC Jazz Basement Wodonga, VIC
Sunday June 18th 2-5pm – From Now OM Solo performance
One Space Bondi Junction, NSW
66 Bondi Road, Bondi Junction NSW book tickets here
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The following video explains how Leo sets up the harmonic OM and shows some of the peaceful slow motion video he has made for projection

From Now OM is a 2.5 octave harmonic wave.
Leo Dale loops 6 OMs into the sweetest chord you have ever heard, but you will need to be strapped to a mast to avoid being taken away when his saxophone plays an endless melody that summons you to the deep.

Also available in duo format

From-Now-OMwebpromoshotFrom Now OM – presented by Leo Dale and Vinod Prasanna. Indian classical with a 21st century twist. A concert in 2 halves.
Leo Dale is the human tanpura, using a looping station he sings OM over an amazing 2.5 octave range, 6 layers in total in the harmonic series. A tidal wave of beautiful sound. Then he passes the baton to Vinod Prasanna who has a 250 year family history of bansuri playing (Indian flute). Concerts in different moods are available.


The soundtrack to the following video was recorded live at a performance of Leo and Vinod.

New album – From Now OM – Peace and Quiet
Vinod Prasanna and Leo Dale
(cover photo by Tim Ritchie)



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Presented LIVE as a concert in 2 halves
Firstly Leo sets up the 6 layered harmonic OM

Then as the harmonic OM recording continues
Vinod plays bansuri in a meditative mood


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Here is the harmonic OM with Leo playing soprano flute

And the harmonic OM with Leo playing alto saxophone


Leo also presents this work, live in concert at Music, Art and Yoga festivals. It can slot into many festival programs as a shimmering piece of composition, a chill out morning concert, a contemporary ritual or a passive meditation art event. Leo also presents the music in people’s homes as a house concert.

Every note, every string, every horn, every voice is made from sound vibrations. Each sound is made from one main pitch (the fundamental) and mixed in, some other notes at lower volumes (harmonics)


. . . . . . . . . . . . .

If you think of a skipping rope in the schoolyard, the rope is like a big vibrating string. That big loop is the fundamental, the main note you can hear in a guitar string. If you then put some extra energy into the skipping rope, you can get two loops going. Each loop is half the length of the rope and in a vibrating guitar string this harmonic is up one octave. Similarly that string is also vibrating with 3 loops, 4 loops etc. These notes exist in lower volumes in all music, speech and sounds in general. This is the harmonic series.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Leo sings each Om as six notes of the harmonic series. Each one of these voices vibrating in sympathy with the lowest as well as with each other.


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Album cover and Leo’s Tshirt design: Kim Lynch

Photography: James Boddington



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