Sitar meditation

Filmed by candle light at Third Eye Videos, Glenn Sharp on sitar, Leo following the action with focus. For other video projects by Leo click here

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The importance of the Home in Yoga

People always ask me “what sort” of Yoga I practice. I suppose its a pretty natural human tendency to want to pigeon hole things. Before I answer I always pause for a second before explaining that I am reluctant to put any word in front of Yoga. All the words that come before represent human […]

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The community just got bigger . . .

In spirituality we learn to approach with a beginner’s mind, to take refuge in the community, in the dharma and in the teacher. Then someone drops a bomb that blows up the dharma and the teacher and the community all at the same time. What shouldn’t you do? What should you do? What shouldn’t you […]

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Why does chanting work

People have been chanting for thousands of years – so why does it work? Behind each practice, behind every Sanskrit term used in yoga and meditation, there must be some truth that we can observe in our daily life. To fully understand these ancient tools for transformation, it helps to be able to talk about […]

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One legged standing poses

In any month I do some practice standing around on one leg   to maintain my sense of balance as I age.   Yoga is great   but sometimes it leaves me feeling like   I have   two left feet

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Why I practice yoga at home

Recently a few people have said to me – I want to learn to meditate – so here is the advice I give them. Shop around. When you go to a centre or an ashram and close your eyes and the thinking stops for one glorious moment, you’ll still open your eyes, look around and […]

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My yoga asana teacher – Peter Scott

I started studying yoga postures with Peter Scott in the early 80s. He has an excellent school that he runs with his wife Sue Scott in Northcote called Yoga Jivana. As part of my work as a videographer I started filming some clips for youtube to publicise their school and their work. This video is […]

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Om Namah Shivaya by candle light

The first day I arrived in India in December 2010 I ran into an old friend Simon Hewitt who is now living in Ganeshpuri. When he was over in Australia for a short visit home I made this video of him chanting Om Namah Shivaya in my studio. Its the first in a series of […]

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It begins

I’ve had a few people suggest I write a yoga blog. So I have begun . . . Click here to return to mantra LIVE

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In heaven they wear black and play wild jazz

When I’m describing my practice of yoga I’ve found its necessary to make a distinction between these four words – belief, experience, faith and philosophy – as I find that they are used interchangeably and yet everyone has their own version of what they mean. Experience – something that actually happened to me Faith – […]

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