Zebra Crossing


Zebra Crossing is Leo together with Ray Pereira on percussion and Valanga Khoza on vocals, guitar and kalimba. Their concerts can be intimate acoustic sessions where people quietly absorb and are engrossed in the music washing over them or they can be riotous dance parties with the irresistible grooves seducing the audience to their feet. Many Zebra Crossing […]

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Quiet Music

From 2007-2010 Leo was the Co-director of the Quiet Music Festival together with Dan Mitchell. In a world of higher, faster, louder Quiet Music embraces deeper, slower and softer and as such is welcomed by audiences, performers and the media alike . . . Video from the 2010 Festival

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Valanga and Leo

Valanga Khoza and Leo have been working together around Australia since 2000 playing at Festivals and performing their acclaimed school show for kid’s of all ages. Check out their videos And you can buy their CD here

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Louie Prez

Scam - Louie Prez

“They break down musical barriers as they take in & remix Brazilian, African, Flamenco & Jazz” – Lucky Oceans, The Daily Planet – CD of the week, Radio National Ray Pereira, Leo and Doug DeVries are Louie Prez Buy their album SCAM on iTunes Check the trio playing with Zvi Belling at the launch of […]

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Clari and Bari

Clari and Bari are a Swinging Jazz Quintet featuring the harmonious improvisational interweaving Clarinet and Baritone Sax of Cam Robbins and Leo Dale, plus rock solid rhythm support from Dave Evans- Accordian, Dave Joseph- drums, and Howard Cairns-Double Bass. They play jazz in a hot fashion as they are all completely post-cool. Black and Gold […]

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Leo’s solo alto flute performances

Leo’s first instrument was the flute followed by many saxophones and then in the late 90s he started to make a study of the alto flute, a deeper version of the soprano or orchestral flute commonly know as “the flute”. Leo now is able to present a short concert (up to a half hour) on […]

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On the Spot


On the Spot are charming, roving, vocal, virtuoso entertainers They play early jazz, tangos, bossas plus French, Italian, Russian, Klezmer, German and Gypsy music. All the romance of a Paris cafe. All the passion of an Argentine tango. Swinging through the streets of New Orleans. Working up a sweat on Polka that only beer will quench. Sax and accordion for […]

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Oxo Cubans


Oxo Cubans – a brass percussion and vocal band that features the talents of Mal Webb on lead vocal and trombone. Who Weekly called them “A five piece groove machine”. Here is a page of videos from their TV performances and associated links to their music on iTunes. All the Oxo Cubans recordings are on […]

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