What is a house concert? FAQ

For a couple of years, I have been performing concerts in people’s homes.
People love music . . . but they lose touch with it.

Let’s face it, we’d all rather go to a friend’s house than a loud venue.

The culture of house concerts is huge throughout Nth America but it’s in its infancy in Australia.
So I’ve laid out a few of the ideas and common misconceptions and FAQ below
In my role as a musician and an advocate for this new form of enjoying culture

Louie Prez trio in concert in the home

What is a house concert?

Someone with a large room and a generous nature

Offers to open their home to family and friends
To present music, usually acoustically
They discuss with the band what fee they require
And decide on a ticket price that friends might pay
They act as host and generally do the work of making it a great occasion

Where does the money go?
All of the ticket price goes to the musicians
In addition the hosts feed the musos and if they are touring give them a bed for the night

Music is interspersed with anecdotes from many years touring

But won’t the musicians just come and play for nothing?
Only if they have a plumber and electrician who will come and work at their place for nothing.
The In House Arts movement aims to support these artists to continue their work as musicians
This necessarily involves them being paid

Why can’t the person throwing the party just pay for the band?
A house concert is a presentation of music
Sometimes the host also ties it in with a birthday
In addition to throwing a party with food and all the work associated with set up and clean up
the ticket price also enables them to present a great band
which they may not otherwise do

And often a sit down concert can end as a dance party

Sadly, people lose touch with live music and forget how truly great it is

I hope you can all be part of this emerging culture
and support

In House Arts


Here is a list of the bands that I have been doing the concerts with

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  1. Lesley Milne and Michael Curtin May 4, 2011 at 6:27 PM #

    We have now hosted five house concerts so we know it works! We have loved the positive energy that having musicians playing live right in front of us brings to our home, and sharing the experience with all our friends and family is a wonderful gift. We also enjoy bringing music back to the people, and away from the ‘Industry’. It’s a way of connecting with musicians so that we, the audience, can appreciate their skill and inspiration, while the musicians benefit from the energy and attentiveness of the audience. Win win!

    Lesley Milne and Michael Curtin

  2. Andrew Wood April 29, 2011 at 2:19 PM #

    I had a house concert at my place in March, it was also my birthday party. I was the first amongst my group of friends to host a house concert and many didn’t know what one was. Could I ask my friends to pay to come to my party? The reality is that a party takes time and money. If I needed to provide the fee for a band, I probably wouldn’t have had one. I bravely went ahead, all I needed was 50 people. So I passed the hat around after the first set and people where more than happy to pay. The response was that they felt privileged to be involved. It’s a great way to hear music acoustically, much better than a venue, I plan to have another one soon.


  3. Danny Silver April 28, 2011 at 10:21 AM #

    “To have musicians of this calibre perform in MY place was quite amazing and something that won’t be forgotten. I invited my friends and it just worked a treat…smiles all round and fantastic feedback keeps coming. Nobody balked or whinged about paying and that proved a great relief for me as I was initially very anxious about asking my friends to fork out to help pay for the musicians. But everybody had a good time! As we could only fit about 45 people in our loungeroom we couldn’t accept all those who responded to our invitations after the seats were all reserved very quickly. So we’re definitely going to have more house concerts in the future!”

    Danny Silver (house concert mid April 2011, Castlemaine district)

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